Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit can happen to anyone. Anything from as small as a missed utility bill, to an ex-bankruptcy will be recorded on your credit report for a number of years and can have an impact on your ability to qualify for finance with banks and mainstream lenders.

This is where Bad Credit Finance comes in. We specialise in car finance for the “not-quite right” borrower. It may be that you have:

  •  Recently come out of Bankruptcy or a Debt Agreement;
  • Have some paid or unpaid default on your credit report;
  • Limited financials because you are self employed;
  • Recently arrived to Australia and have no credit history;
  • Have a paid judgement on your report, etc.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance. In contacting us with a car finance inquiry, you will get to speak to a car finance specialist that will leave no stone unturned in helping you find a suitable car loan.It is important however to understand that you must have an income to qualify for car finance.

Even bad credit lenders need to see that you can afford the loan you are seeking, and it is very hard to demonstrate loan affordability if you are not working. If you are on Centrelink, or on a Pension and have no other income, unfortunately we will not be able to assist.