No Deposit Car Loans

No deposit car loans are available through a number of lenders. Depending on the extent of your bad credit history you may be able to borrow the full purchase price of your vehicle, or even a little more than the car is worth. Clean credit borrowers have a lot more flexibility in this regard, with scope to borrow up to 150% of the vehicle value.

Given that car loans are priced on risk, the lender will assess your overall application first. They will then be able to determine how much you are allowed to borrow towards a car and what type of vehicle they will accept as security. The higher the applicant risk, the higher is the expected cost of finance – that will be the case with any finance provider.

Our car loan associates have access to a range of non-conforming car finance providers. Your ability to qualify for a no deposit car loan will entirely depend on the strength of your application.

Providing you qualify for a no deposit car loan, we can certainly help you source one.