Debt Solutions

Are you suffering from an overload of debt?

People who are carrying significant debt are at risk of more than just sleepless nights, they are at risk of loosing everything through bankruptcy.

Having a financial solution that prevents bankruptcy, allows you to keep your home, and establishes affordable periodic repayments is very important.

This is where Bad Credit Finance can help. We work with a team of experienced Debt Mediation and Consolidation experts.

Can’t get a debt consolidation loan?

Perhaps you have tried applying for a debt consolidation loan with no success? Anyone applying for an unsecured loan for debt consolidation will generally need to have a clean credit history. If your credit history is less than perfect, or you have recently made numerous applications for finance, your application for finance is likely to be declined. That does no mean that you will not qualify for any other form of debt assistance or debt relief.

Need help negotiating with your creditors?

There are times when the best strategy is simply talking to your creditors. Where financial difficulties are temporary, negotiating temporary reduced payments or even a repayment holiday should do the trick

If you would like professional assistance in negotiating with your creditors, simply give us a call on 1300 300 121.

Unsecured debt solutions

If you have bad credit and unaffordable debts, help is a phone call away. While qualifying for an unsecured consolidation loan may be difficult, you may qualify for the Government Regulated Debt Agreement System.

If you qualify :

  • your debt repayments can be reduced to an affordable level;
  • you will pay no interest on outstanding debt; and
  • you can become debt free sooner.

Secured debt solutions

Borrowers who are struggling with unaffordable secured debt may need to make some hard decisions. Some may qualify for secured consolidation via a mortgage refinance. Those who are already overextended and are on a low income will need to look elsewhere.

Failing to keep up with repayments can lead to lender repossession of the security asset. While a temporary hardship arrangement may be put into place, in the longer term, some of the assets may need to be sold to bring down debt levels.