Bad Credit Mortgages

If you have some history of bad credit and are looking at a home loan or mortgage refinance, then you may find that you are unable to qualify for a mortgage with a bank or a traditional lender. Most mainstream lenders will decline a loan application from someone with an unpaid or even a recently repaid default.

We have access to a number of non-conforming lenders who may be able to assist either with a new home loan or a mortgage refinance.

Have you recently approached a lender in order to refinance your current home loan and were declined?

Sometimes lenders decline new finance applications simply because the applicant has had numerous recent credit inquiries.

Perhaps you credit report is showing defaults, judgements or even bankruptcy? We can assist with mortgage refinance despite a bad credit history.  That does not mean that all loan applications will be approved – far from it.

We only work with ASIC Accredited, Responsible Lenders and as such you will only be offered a mortgage if a lender believes that you can afford the loan you are seeking.